Monday, July 20, 2009

YUP! It's definitely the drugs.

I was on some sort of IF drugs for so long I lost touch with myself and found myself unable to decipher between my real self and my drugged self. During my break, I slowly started to revert to my less moody, less teary and definitely less bitchy self. I will never be the same of course. Never. But I do know that the bitchy, angry, teary woman of today isn't really me. It's the drugs. I am on my 10th day of stims and I'm really starting to feel it. For absolutely no reason, I want to pound the shit out of something. My poor DH!

Besides that, we are really enjoying Colorado and made this into a mini vacation. We spent Friday in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Saturday in Canon City, and yesterday in Vail. Yes, DH is an adventurer and rarely leaves a moment free! We both worked from the hotel today so it was a pretty uneventful day.

I did get a message at CCRM and I HIGHLY recommend it. It's $50 for an hour and she is not allowed to accept tips. I've been to some top end spas and this is one of the best massages I've ever had.

According to their original schedule, I was suppose to trigger tonight but I'm being moved by at least one day. I'm not really paying much attention to this stuff because I don't want to feel stressed about numbers but I can't help getting some minimal info.

As of this morning, I had 9 or 10 measurable follies. Some were pretty small. My E2 came back at 1924.

Overall, I'm really happy with my decision to come here. They seem very meticulous and detail oriented. I have the peace of mind knowing that I'm with the best.


Anonymous said...

Good to hear from you - I have been wondering like crazy how you are doing.

Yes, the drugs are really, really horrible - I will never be the same either but the drugs turned me into a fat sluggish beast.

I am really glad your hubby is out there with you and that you guys are able to enjoy each other.

Miss Tori said...

Welcome to Colorado! I hope everything goes well for you.

The storm last night didn't scare you off, did it? It was a doozy from what I'm hearing.

Erica said...

Yes you are with the best. And the E2 number and follie count looks terrific! Everything is crossed for you Darya. I'm looking forward to the update.